Increase the life of your assets with...

Scheduled Maintenance


The longer your carpet lasts, the less it costs. Carpets of today are designed to 

hide stains and soils. Guardian Facility Management can help you carry out 

a systematic maintenance plan for your carpet that includes the cleaning of 

the back of carpet, as well as the stains on the surface and the soilage deep in 

the carpet fibers. Proactively, Guardian Facility Management will carry out 

regularly scheduled maintenance to remove soil before it can accumulate and 

damage carpet fibers. This process will extend the life of the carpet, reducing 

the costs of restoration, replacement, and disposal.

Tile and Grout

Manufacturers agree that neither sealing the grout nor using a 100% Epoxy Grout will guarantee against surface build-up or discoloration of the grout. Grout needs to be cleaned on a periodic basis to remove any surface build-up. Guardian Facility Management utilizes Enzymes based on cleaning and neutral products that will help prevent discoloration of your tile and grout and a strategic schedule to deep clean the surfaces to prevent deterioration and increase appearance.


Guardian Facility Management has developed a system that can drastically reduce your cost while increasing the appearance of your VCT flooring.

We Remove Dirt.  Not Just Move Dirt.

Color Coded Microfiber Towels - Not Cotton Towels

Microfiber holds 7 times its weight in cleaning solution, allowing thorough cleaning and disinfecting. We avoid cross-contamination by using a color-coded system. We utilize microfiber’s split fibers to retain the tiniest of particles, allowing us to remove them from your facility not just move them around your facility.

Color-Coded Microfiber Mops - Not String Mops

Numerous studies show that compared to the traditional string mop, microfiber flat mops pick up more soil, use less solution, and avoid dirty water slopped onto furniture legs and baseboards. A study conducted by the University of California at Davis Medical Center also showed superior pathogen removal - bacterial culture shows a 30% removal using string mops versus a 99% removal using microfiber.

Tile Floors Vacuumed - Not Swept

Unconventional? Yes, but much more thorough and efficient. Besides leaving debris in corners, against edges, and under furniture and in irregular surfaces and grouting of ceramic floors, brooms, and dust mops create air turbulence, lifting fine particles into the air to remain suspended for hours. We use backpack-style vacuums to “ingest and retain” dust rather than move it about. We also clean corners, edges and under furniture more thoroughly.

HEPA Vacuums 99.97% Effective

HEPA vacuums capture and retain 99.97% of the particles in the critical size range (approx. 0.3 miron) which has been found to cause most allergic reactions and trigger asthma. Our vacuums capture spores, pollen, airborne bacteria, and dust mite feces. Industry-standard vacuums allow particles to remain airborne up to eight hours after passing through the vacuum - waiting for you to remve them by inhaling them yourself.

Increase Profitability by

Maximizing Consumables

Guardian Facility Management has taken the time to become experts in the

field of maximizing the dollars you spend on your facility. We have done this 

with the buying power we have acquired and we use that to help you, our 

client. Guardian Facility Management helps you save money while doing the 

right thing for the environment.


Guardian Facility Management can help reduce paper towel waste by 

providing you with “One-at-a-time” towel dispensing system. Guardian 

Facility Management technicians are experts at customizing your towel 

dispensers installed in your facility. Guardian Facility Management can help 

you achieve 100% paper usage.


By using a virtually zero waste bathroom paper dispensing system, Guardian 

Facility Management can eliminate “stub roll” waste. Switching to coreless 

tissue saves 8.5 pounds of waste per case when compared to standard bath 

tissue due to no core, no wrappers, and 100% utilitization of the product.